Improve retention by re-engaging your users

Use Smart Audiences to create custom audiences and target them with push notifications.

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Drive users back to your app before they quit


Sending targeted push notification improves retention by over 20%


Push notifications boost app engagement by 88%


Push notifications have higher response rate compared to emails

Key feature

User segmentation

Send the right message to the right audience. Build user segments based on app sessions, installs generated, activities posted, invites sent, and so on.

For example segment out people who never invited friends to the app and send them a push “App is better with friends!”. Once they click deep link them into Invites sharing UI.

Key feature

Timezone-aware delivery

Send push notifications in user’s timezone. Nobody wants to receive a push notification at 2 AM.

Key feature

Personalized messages

Personalized messages can have 8x higher open rates. Personalize notification message with username, emoticons and more.

Key feature

Deep linking

Navigate to specific pages in your app, when user clicks on the push notification.

Key feature

Notification Center UI

Let your users receive and interact with GetSocial Notifications in minutes, not days with prebuilt Notification Center UI. Notification center comes with the following built-in features:

1. User can mark notifications as read/unread or delete them.
2. Default and custom click behaviors.
3. Display and handle as many action buttons as you need.
4. Filter notifications to show only relevant ones.
Our system is designed to scale with you. Send millions of push notifications daily.
Localize notification message to any of the 24 supported languages. We’ll take care of delivering the correct translation.
Unlimited notifications
There are no limits on the number of push notifications you can send with our Smart Targeting feature.
Rich media and emojis 😍
Improve open rates by using emojis 🤩, GIFs, videos and pictures when sending push notifications.
Consumable notifications
Let users send items to each other: send friend requests, guild or clan invitations, in-app gifts.

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