Drive app installs and re-engagement with deep links

Improve the performance of your marketing campaigns

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Create user experiences that increase your revenues, conversions and retention


Users that are deep linked to the in-app content engage 2x higher.


Higher conversion to signup for users that are contextually deep linked after install.


Higher conversion to purchase for users that are contextually deep linked to the product.

How it works

Create link

Deep links that work on every platform and channel

Share link

Share the link inside your email, social, sms or any other marketing promotion.

Measure performance

Measure performance by campaign, channel and medium.
Key feature

Deliver a frictionless user experience

Smart links deliver a frictionless user experience from their first click to re-engagement. An optimal experience whether it’s a link in social media, sms, ads or email. Smart link detects whether the user has your app already installed and deep links them to the correct page in the app. Alternatively it will take new users through the correct app store before deep linking to the correct page.

Key feature

Support all deeplinking standards

Whether it’s URI Schemes, iOS Universal Links, Android App links, Android Chrome Intents, or Facebook App Links, our smart links supports them all.

Key feature

Contextual deep links for maximum conversion

Smart links deliver a contextually relevant experience as soon as the app is opened. It contains relevant information about users; device and platform they are on, campaign, channel, and medium they come from, content they clicked on and much more.
Fraud detection
Safeguard your marketing promotions against install frauds.
Custom Domain
Use your own domain name for every invite link to improve click-through rates.
Automatic Device Detection
Our links automatically detect the recipient’s device and direct them to the appropriate store.

Improve the performance of your marketing campaigns

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