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Apps consistently outperform web across various metrics


People view 4.2x more products per session within apps than web


Apps push more people down the purchase funnel. Apps have 3x higher conversion rates compared to mobile sites and 1.5x compared to desktop


Apps account for 86% of time spent on smartphones, compared to 14% on the mobile web

How it works

Install script

Copy the script to your website

Show banner or widget

Users text themselves install link or scan QR code

Track downloads

Track the conversion of web visitors to app downloads
Key feature

Convert desktop visitors

Quickly embed a widget with App Store / Google Play buttons to your website with full attribution tracking. For visitors on desktops, show a one-click SMS form to send an install link or enable them to install via QR code.

Key feature

Convert mobile web visitors

Drive app downloads with a banner that can be customized with ratings, personal message and can deep link to app content.
Text me a link or scan QR code

When users click links on the desktop, they have the option to text themselves a link to download your app or scan a QR code.
Easy Setup

Setting up is quick and simple using our Web SDK.
Automatic Device Detection

Shows play store button on android, app store button on iOS and SMS/QR option on the desktop.
Contextual deep links

Pass custom data with contextual deep links to users on any platform, even if the app is not installed.

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