Kolibri saw a 306% lift in invites sent and a 364% increase in
installs generated with GetSocial Smart Invites.


Lift in organic installs


Higher day 30 retention of referred users


Higher lifetime value (LTV) of referred users

Smart Invites

Kolibri began with a basic integration and introduced refinements
and improvements over time driven by GetSocial’s feedback and
best practices. GetSocial’s ‘Smart Invites’ feature was implemented,
providing an initial, simplified and rewarding flow. The integration
was further improved in three simple steps, based on the following
best practices:
1. The solution is easy to find
2. The benefits are well explained
3. The user is rewarded for their effort



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Kolibri sought to increase user acquisition for Idle Miner Tycoon, which had already been downloaded by more than 104 million players. To help achieve this, they required a plug-and-play referral solution that was quick to integrate and had the flexibility for customization and experimentation. The desired outcome was to be delivered through an incentivized referral system and invite mechanic within the game. With social platforms winding down their invite APIs, building a referral system in-house would have required dedicated Kolibri development resources that could have been focused on the core product. While researching such a system, Kolibri came across GetSocial, a global leader in viral
user acquisition tools for mobile app and game developers.

Improvement 1 - Make the solution easy to find

Kolibri uses arrows in the tutorial to point players’ attention to specific features that they introduce at different points in the game. An arrow was added, pointing to the invite button to encourage players to take a look at the invite mechanic at least once. They wanted to have multiple vectors for the user to interact with the sharing mechanism. So they also introduced the ability to share important milestones in players’ game progress with friends.

They also experimented with the standard native share interface, to see if this would improve clickthrough, but instead, they saw a large increase in the canceled invitation. When several weeks later, they went back to a custom UI (improved, and with more channels) the result was a doubling of their social metrics!

Improvement 2 - Explain the benefits

In order to ensure all players, even existing ones, had seen the invite mechanic at least once, Kolibri implemented a nudge panel that would be shown to all players once, when they opened the game. They also implemented a panel that better explained the benefits of playing with friends: the permanent Idle Output boost, faster expedition times, and the ability to earn additional boosters for hitting certain milestones.

Improvement 3 - Reward the user

Kolibri wanted to make sure their users felt like they were getting something substantial when they invited their friends, so they made some changes to the reward mechanic as well. Initially, the user gets a 5% boost in Idle Output when a friend installs, but now, as more friends unlock a specific point in the game, they also unlock extra boosts.



Having a sharing mechanism in your game is already a good start, but when you take the time to show the mechanic, explain the benefits, and fine-tune your reward to your audience, you can really deliver incredible results and drive highly valuable users to your game. The changes with the biggest version-on-version impact were the addition of the tutorial arrow in the FTUE to ensure that new players all saw the invite mechanic, and the change back to the custom UI from the native share UI, with more channels added.


We were already very pleased with Idle Miner Tycoon's social mechanics, made possible by GetSocial. When we decided to take our social features to the next level, we were blown away by the results. With a bit of effort and some simple changes, we were able to achieve a 364% increase in installs generated via friend invites.

Leontine Jenner
Product Manager at Kolibri

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