The ultimate way to boost Engagement, Retention and Acquisition for mobile apps

43% higher lifetime retention of referred users

7x higher day 30 retention of social users

15% Higher revenue per download

Feature overview
Reward users for referring their friends to download your app, subscribe on your platform, or any other in-app action.
News Feed
Let users create appealing content and engage with others through comments and reactions.
Push Notifications
Bring users back to the app with social and targeted push notifications.
Marketing Automation
Create automated marketing flows that engage, re-engage and retain users.
Content Sharing
Enable your users to share your web or app content with their friends across different platforms
Friends, Following and Followers
Connect your users as friends or enable them to follow each other.
Deferred and Contextual Deeplinking
Improve user experience by sending users straight to specific in-app locations
User Properties
Create user profiles using user identities and custom user properties.
User Segmentation and Targeting
Segment users on any in-app events or user properties to send targeted notifications.
Marketing Links
Track the performance of your influencer, social media, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.
Custom or Customizable UI
Customize our default UI or build your own custom UI

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GetSocial is the foundation layer for us to put the club into Gear.Club. For a small yet ambitious independent studio like Eden Games, the GetSocial tech and their marketing-friendly dashboard save up a lot of development time in building our grand vision on a global scale.

Pascal "Scal" Clarysse

CMO at large at Eden Games

Baptiste Chardon - Business Performance Director at Ubisoft

It's been a pleasure working with the GetSocial team, with a smooth and easy integration process, and very interesting results in terms of viral performance!

Baptiste Chardon

Business Performance Director at Ubisoft

Leontine Jenner - Product Manager at Kolibri Games

We were already very pleased with Idle Miner Tycoon's social mechanics, made possible by GetSocial. When we decided to take our social features to the next level, we were blown away by the results. With a bit of effort and some simple changes, we were able to achieve a 364% increase in installs generated via friend invites.

Leontine Jenner

Product Manager at Kolibri Games
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When it comes to implementing the mobile growth stack, the key drivers are user acquisition, engagement, and retention.
9 ways to build a Viral Loop in your Game

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family, while only 67% trust online advertising.

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